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Monday Musings- Work Hard, Play Harder

By Samia — April 27, 2015

“It doesn’t matter how great your shoes are if you don’t accomplish anything in them.”
Martina Boone, Compulsion


Everyone wants to be a blogger right? Think back a couple of years ago and the term blogger was not even in the dictionary let alone deemed a profession. Recently I have been getting  a lot of comments on Instagram and emails from readers asking me how they can get into blogging and they can do to receive ‘free stuff’. Yes correct, ‘free stuff’! If getting items for free was the reason why I blog, I would be a very fortunate person! This however is not the reality and most definitely is not the reason why I blog.

As I mentioned in previous posts, as a mentor to young people I often ask them what their professional aspirations are and I am astounded that 18 year olds still aspire to be footballers and makeup artists. Whilst I in no way am claiming that these professions are not important, I don’t think they should be the entire end results of young peoples ambitions. These are professions that based on exceptional creative skills, which in most cases people fall into . The same goes for blogging, everyone young person now wants to be a blogger because it is seen as an easy route to earning money and being successful. Yes there are bloggers who blog fulltime and do well but this is entirely by chance, some bloggers like myself still have a full time profession and career.

Educating yourself and being ambitious is very important and underestimated by many young people. Its fantastic to be able to have wonderful things, travel to wonderful places and experience what life has to offer, however these don’t come easy. Work hard, invest in your future and as a result reap the rewards. There is nothing more satisfying then rewarding yourself at the end of a project, promotion or career move.  The world is fast paced and being able to adjust to different situations, paces and environments is something only experience will get you. We are very fortunate to have many opportunities around us, get out there and invest in yourself and do something that your future self will thank you for!

Have a great Monday.

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Bill Bradley

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