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Girl in hijab unveils H&M’s new collection

By Admin — September 11, 2015
(Reproduced article from the The Pakistani Tribune)
Fashion label features Muslim clad in a hijab and Sikhs in turbans for upcoming fall collection. PHOTO: H&M/FACEBOOK

Fashion label features a Girl clad in a hijab and Sikhs in turbans for upcoming fall collection. PHOTO: H&M/FACEBOOK

Clothing giant H&M is making headlines in the Muslim world as girls rejoice over a Muslim girl, Maria Hidrissi, being featured in H&M’s new fall collection sporting a hijab.


Wearing movie star shades, black palazzo pants and a pink and white checkered hijab, H&M chose a Muslim as its new poster model who unveiled the brand’s latest fall collection:

But that’s not all, H&M gave its fans a sneak-peak into its upcoming campaign Close The Loop which featured people from various cultural backgrounds:


The campaign aims to encourage conserving materials by showcasing recycled old clothes in their new collection:

We’re loving how H&M is taking a bold step towards social responsibility:

The fashion label uploaded a number of pictures on its Facebook page to celebrate diversity, regardless of age or gender:




We applaud H&M for taking such a step, and hope others catch on to it soon, because the headscarf looks ridiculously good and the fashion industry needs to start recognising other cultural clothing and integrating it into their collections.

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