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Noor Tagouri – Time for us all to Shine

By Humaira Ashraf — February 16, 2013

Nineteen year-old Noor Tagouri started a global phenomenon with just one picture – herself sitting at the ABC News desk in a hijab and a huge smile on her face. Nowadays, it’s pretty much an oxymoron to have national television and a Muslim both in a good light. But Noor want’s to ‘break these boundaries’ and prove to the world that anyone can pursue their dreams regardless of their creed, colour or clothing. From a Libyan background, Noor takes pride in her heritage as well as her American education. That pretty much sums up the key to success: roots, knowledge and determination.

From top left clockwise: Noor Tagouri with Lupe Fiasco, at ABC News, outfit before an event, with Anderson Cooper.

With this, Insha’Allah, you’ll be surprised how influential and powerful you will feel – both inside and out. Noor has interviewed Lupe Fiasco, she’s been backstage with Anderson Cooper, she’s celebrated her birthday with Lisa Ling (these are only a few of the arm-long length of achievements, Masha’Allah) and most of all – she’s a human being. Why did I mention that?! Of course she’s human! Well, what difference is there from you and her? Nothing. We should take inspiration from everybody and everything, no doubt, but when we see people of our own faith break stereotypes and progress in this harsh society – life suddenly become beautiful. And hopeful. We can all make a difference in our society – big and small, and it starts with yourself.

However, you do not have to be interested in journalism in order to learn from this superwoman. Whether it be the way she speaks publicly,  the hijab style she perfectly demonstrates, her bilingual background or the heels she matches to her handbags – we can all find at least a teeny bit of inspiration from Miss Tagouri. After all, didn’t a little bird once say, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!” (Marilyn Monroe).

It’s safe to say that Muslim women in the 21st century are creating a global revolution of their own, and if we use our resources properly, we can truly achieve great things for ourselves, for Islam and for the future generations of the human race.

What do you think of Noor’s work? Has she made you think? Comment below and let us know!

Comment from Noor Tagouri herself regarding this article : “@Humaira_Ashraf aw thank you for the sweet words … :)”

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