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Packing Effectively- Monday Musings

By Samia — June 01, 2015



I hate packing. The idea of packing really stresses me out because I have a tendency to pack everything with the fear that if I don’t take every item I own with me on holiday or for work then I won’t be able to function! I am packing for my upcoming trip to Dubai as I write this and will be part way through my work/vacation there. I am fortunate to be able to combine some styling and personal commitments whilst I am out there and hope to be able to bring you a huge range of new Dining and style posts! Looking forward to some sun, sea and good food.

I travel quite often and if you have followed us for a whole you will be aware of our #hijablicioustravels segments. I vowed the last time I went that I would pack more effectively and appropriately without dragging two suitcases with me. It hasn’t been easy but I would like to think that I now have a more effective system that allows me to pack light but still wear a number of outfits and go from day to night! I know as ladies we all want to look good and not wear the same outfit everyday as well as being able to take toiletries/haircare/makeup and accessories (guys you really do have it easy!). I’ve put together some of my tips below with the hope that it will help out those of you who like me who use to pack everything including the kitchen sink!

1. Plan your outfits– I know it sounds very time consuming and laborious but this is the best tip I can suggest. It requires 1-2 hours of committed time in trying on each outfit and planning what you will wear it for (i.e. you have a specific dinner/meeting), I usually find this very frustrating because I still feel I have nothing to wear but it works and allows you to not worry about outfits when you’re on holiday because you know what goes with what. Huge time saver.

2. Take key pieces– This is so essential. I often pack 7 day and 7 night outfits which are all separate from each other and it’s for this specific reason I would find packing very stressful and my suitcase would always be the brunt of jokes at the airport because I would always be over. Now I pack items that go from day to night and can be more casual in the day and dressed up with heels or jewellery in the evening. Take 2-3 special outfits for the evenings but for the day combine jeans/tops and overcoats depending on the weather which you can swap and change.

3. Neutrals– when taking tops and trousers always go for basic cuts and colours this way you can incorporate the item into different outfits, the statement pieces you have will only be used once or twice so the more neutral colour palettes you go for the more choice you have.

4. Limit toiletries– Yes this is a note to self too. I always go overboard with shampoo/conditioner and various other toiletries. If your hotel provides these (most good ones always do) and you are not specific about which type you use then don’t bother packing it. If there is something I usually use I tend to buy it out there and bin it before I come back, this will save you so much space. If you are travelling with a spouse or family then share certain items to avoid duplicating.

5. Travel bag– Have a travel bag ready for holidays and time away from home. I travel often for work and for the blog so I keep a specific travel back to put into my suitcase. This has all the travel sized items I need, chargers, travel brush and various other items and its simply a matter of transferring it to the suitcase, very time efficient!

6. Shoes and bags – This is the hardest for me because I want to take them all but can’t. Depending on the length of your time away pack one medium sized staple bag that you will take and use for day (and night should you prefer), pack one clutch for the evenings and one crossbody bag for excursions. That is all you will need. With shoes, I pack one statement heels for evenings, two sandals and one pair of slippers for the pool. I usually travel to and from the destination in Espadrilles because they are very comfortable.

7. Switch off and have fun! Packing is annoying but it’s worth it if you prepare, so switch off because the worst is yet to come ie unpacking (ha!).

See you on the other side 🙂

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