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Rabia Z’s collection sizzles in New York

By admin — November 20, 2011

Many of you know may know about Rabia Z, and if you don’t your definitely missing out! We were invited to the private screening of her new Spring/Summer 2012 collection in New York, however due us being based in London this was not unfortunately possible.

Fear not though folks, for we have pictures of the catwalk show (via Getty Images) which are absolutely stunning. The clothes are modern yet ethnic, western yet with a hint of the east, reflective of both her Afghan and Arab heritage. You can see the Afghan influence in the embroidery on the necks of some of the dresses which come from traditional tribal wear and Rabia Z herself wore this look and looked fantastic.

The show was organised in Casa Le Femme, an Egyptian venue in NY. Its beautiful decor added a touch of Eastern and Arabian flavour, and setting an atmosphere perfect for the collection. The models walked through the audience who looked relaxed seated in tables surrounded by beduin tents.

These are our favourite looks from the show:

Visit the whole collection in our facebook album here, and do leave a comment letting us know which styles are your favourite and why!
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