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The New Collection by Barjis = Exciting!!

By admin — October 24, 2011

These are some sneak peaks of the new collection by label Barjis, and we are so excited to see what else is to come. The company was founded in 2000 by Barjis Chohan, who will be showcasing her stunning new collection at Dubai Fashion Week 2011, and what’s more, Hijablicious will be showing it all straight from the catwalk.

What we love about Barjis so far is it is London based (yess we have talent!) and made for real women, and completely 100% wearable instead of crazy unrealistic designs which lets face it, we wouldn’t be seen dead in! Barjis states that ‘I design clothes not costumes and I am catering for women who would like to look feminine and stylish but not look like a Christmas tree’, and we couldn’t agree more with this ethos!
Keep your eyes peeled for the new collection straight from Dubai Fashion Week!!

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