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Very Best of Versace for H&M

By admin — November 16, 2011

So I woke up today with the biggest toothache ever, and had to take the day of work to fit in a trip to the dreaded dentist! Feeling rather miserable I began to go through my emails on my blackberry (Yes teamBB!!) and came across an email alert from H&M about the new collection by Versace that is to be released in stores tommorrow.

Although I had heard briefly about it before, and saw the TV ad (below) I didn’t really realise that the collection was actually quite affordable until clicking on the link and seeing the collection on the website.

I am not a particularly crazy fan of designer wear mainly because I would find it hard to part with so much money for one item ( if I had the money that is!!) and also apart from say a handbag, I think clothes would be something I would wear for a short period and then get bored of!

I was pleasantly surprised then, when seeing the collection there was actually some cute stuff that I could actually see myself wearing. The leather jackets, and dresses are delish but for me the scarves, fur gillet and bags have to be the highlight of the collection.

Fur is really in this season and even the low end shops like Primark have their prices up to like £15-20 so for £39.99 for this gorgeous one doesn’t seem so bad. I love the fastening detail!!

I also loveeee the scarves and can really see this one worn with a smart work outfit around the neck or with tied around my hair. I have a weakness for this print and have loads of scarves with it, but this colour comb is lush! This is £24.99
And then the BAGS!! There are quite a few in the Versace collection but I am loving the gold and black one (£99) and the pink one looks quite funky too (£69.99)
I don’t think I am going to be able to get to H&M tommorrow as I have to work (*sob*) and there is not a flagship store next to me that is close enough to run to, especially if there is a long que. However you can purchase online at 1 item per customer .
Finally here are some of the dresses that I liked:
If you do want to go to the store these are the ones that will be selling the collection :
The whole collection can be viewed here 

Will you be going into H&M? What are your favourite pieces and why? Let us know by commenting below!

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